I burnt my right hand palm badly. Though it is cured now, a deep burn mark is visible, which I would like to get rid of. I came to know about EBNL’s MagiCream through one of my friends and upon regular usage, the burn marks disappeared.
Deepanwita Chakraborty
Kolkata, India
I had a skin problem that was troubling me for 30 years. Your CalmCream helped cure this issue. I am very thankful for this. My husband suggested that I ask you for another solution to remove the discoloration that was left and you suggested MagiCream. I thank you from the bottom of my heart as the skin looks totally normal now.
Kumarika Veerasekara
Colombo, Sri Lanka
I was very worried about my pregnancy stretch marks and I thought it will never go. Your Magicream is a wonder. Only six months of usage and everything looks normal. How does it work actually? I tried many other treatments like massaging oils, creams but no help. It is a real magic and you named this product aptly.
Susan Gregory
Boston, United States
Since I was 17 I developed pimples on my face and I tried all meds and creams but no use. I became 26 and the pimples have stopped but the marks and scars left on my face were ugly. I then decided to use your Cute & Comely. I have used it for one full year and I am happy to inform you that my face look normal. Thanks to Cute & Comely.
Payal Yadav
Patna, India
I never had to use fair & lovely cream like my friends as I am reasonably ok with my skin. It is only when my neighborhood aunty suggested that I bought one jar of Cute & Comely. I was not very impressed with the texture and feel compared to the imported and branded ones. But I continued using because of aunty. After 6 months of using, I am so happy I listened to aunty. My face glows as everyone is saying. 
Aparna Banerjee
Kolkata, India
My 65 year old mother is crazy about your Cute & Comely cream you know? She used to try all the anti ageing creams but never very happy. Now she says that your CNC cream not only makes her look better but she applies for any problems on her face and says it becomes ok in no time. Is it only for the old or even the young can use? Please advise.
Dhanya Nair
Kochi, India
My 10-­year-­old daughter was diagnosed with Scleroderma, with patches on her stomach. We were able to identify your EBNL products and we used CalmCream. She is now able to live normally, the patches are not thick and have responded well to CalmCream.
Chennai, India
I have received many very good information about results of using CalmCream. One of them being my father who had some problems with face skin due to diabetes. After 3 months of using CalmCream, there is no problem.
Piotr Lewkowicz
Warsaw, Poland
We tried so many creams for mosquito and insect bites so far, but nothing works like your RESQ cream. The sting, the itch goes immediately and no rash or inflammation at the spot. RESQ is really really very good. I feel we cannot be without it at homes.
Agelinda Fitrah
Jakarta, Indonesia
My mother suffers from cervical cancer and has to go through radiation periodically. She had a burning sensation where the radiation is done. The skin in that area looks burnt for long time. Thanks to your RESQ cream, we apply it immediately after the treatment and she feels very comfortable, cool and no burning sensation. It also does not leave any burn mark later. At least this problem is solved for us which is a great help.
Nivedita Sahoo
Melbourne, Australia
Hello I want to tell you how wonderful your RESQ cream is. I am a homemaker and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. No matter how careful I am, I used burn my fingers or some part of my hands every day. I have so many marks of hot oil drop burns on my forearms, steam burns from cooker on my palms. Now I have RESQ and I quickly apply on the spot. It gives a cooling effect immediately and the burning feeling stops. The most wonderful thing is no blisters form at the spot of burns if I apply immediately. No burn scars at all afterwards. I always keep RESQ in my kitchen and feel uncomfortable if I don’t see it in my kitchen shelf.
Kavita Choudhary
Jaipur, India

I used Calm Cream for the last two months. It helped me cure a few of my skin problems. It has done wonders for me skin. Thank you.

Riyaz Lakhani
Pune, India
I am a psoriasis sufferer and CalmCream worked well. It gave me great relief and does the job as good as the steroids in the ointments I used to get from my doctor. I am happy with the results!
Peter Bezem
Minneapolis, United States
I used CalmCream for a condition called ‘Peyronie’s Disease’.This is a condition where fibrous scar tissue forms along the outside of the urethra on the inside of the penis. This results in restrictive blood flow and painful bending of the penis during erection affecting my marital relation as this condition often leads to erectile dysfunction and emotional depression. CalmCream was of great help to fix this problem.
Seth Rosenblit
My father is having skin disorder since 2.5 year which was cured only by using your product (i.e.) Calm Cream. Prior to using CalmCream, he had taken so many medicines and applied creams given by various skin specialists but unfortunately nothing worked. Thanks for launching such a beautiful product. He has been using this cream on a regular basis to stay away from his skin disorder.
Sarika Lad
Mumbai, India
I recently used your CalmCream. I found it to be very effective and wish to purchase more. 
Colin Foster
Brisbane, Australia


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