Absolutely! Our products are completely safe for use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
In fact, we highly recommend our Magic Cream for effectively reducing stretch marks and post-surgery marks. It's specially formulated to provide gentle care during these sensitive periods.

VedaCeuticals deals with infections by alerting & enabling the ‘Somatic Mind’, the ‘Master Architect & Chief Constructor’ inside our body to initiate corrective action to restore normalcy.
Every EBNL product carries two components –
(1) the Vital Nutrients (the building blocks) used for construction of the healthy tissues, and
(2) the debugging ‘Anti­Virus software’ to alert and help the operating system (Somatic Mind) to immediately take corrective actions, eliminate the threat and restore normalcy.

Yes, our products are safe to use for infants and children.
Please consult with your physician / pediatrician if in doubt.

Skin cure’ products are to deal with the disease per section. But even after the disease is treated and cured ­ it leaves its own mark of scars and blemishes creating aesthetic & cosmetic problems. Our ‘skin care’ products deal with and answer these issues.

EBNL is the name of the company which stands for Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd. You can find more details about EBNL here VedaCeuticals is the name of a new science & technology used by EBNL for making medicines out of edible minerals, nutrients & herbal extracts that treat sickness without side effects. You can find out more about VedaCeuticals here

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