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Healthcare Basics

What is the difference between disease and sickness?

Disease is only a name to a set of conditions. It does not exist by itself. We find new names being coined everyday for a group of observed symptoms called “syndromes”. Hence all diseases are only names coined out of creative imagination of people with a strong commercial outlook. Sickness is an existing state or a condition that the person feels, experiences and suffers from.

What are the different stages in sickness?

Sickness occurs in 3 ­stages: Predisposition – Precipitation – Perpetuation, in that order. Predisposition is the inherent vulnerability or susceptibility one is born with. Precipitation is the occurrence of acute condition of pain & sufferance. Perpetuation is the chronicity of the sickness that one can never get rid of easily with simple medications.

Why do we see newer diseases emerging every day and why aren’t these diseases being cured despite so much of development in the medical field?

The development in the medical field is only in the area pertaining to production of newer drugs, but unfortunately not in the field of actual healthcare. The increase in the number of diseases and more health complications in clearly due to the drugs. Drugs do cause many diseases because all of them are essentially toxic chemicals. Human bodies are not designed to consume drugs. They are only designed to consume healthy food.

What is the difference between a medicine and a drug?

Drug is a chemical substance that progressively transfers the control of natural functions of mind & body to itself, making the person (patient) dependent and/or a slave to it. Medicine essentially creates an effect exactly opposite to that of a drug. It restores all the controls of the body & mind back to he person. Drugs make one a dependent slave and medicines liberate you to freedom!

What is the difference between Food and Nutrition?

‘Food’ is what we eat and ‘Nutrition’ is what the body absorbs and utilizes. Nutrition builds the body from infancy to adulthood and then middle ages and later sustains and maintains it till the end. After separating nutrition from the food for absorption, the waste product is ejected out of the body.

Do healthy foods solve health problems and counter the toxic effects of drugs?

Yes, but only to a certain extent. But today a new problem has arisen globally and that is the drug induced nutritional deficiency, which in turn adds to the drug­ induced sickness and related sufferances. Drugs deplete the nutrition in the body by preventing their absorption and utilization by the body.

VedaCeuticals Approach

What is the difference between VedaCeuticals and EBNL?

EBNL is the name of the company which stands for Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd. You can find more details about EBNL here VedaCeuticals is the name of a new science & technology used by EBNL for making medicines out of edible minerals, nutrients & herbal extracts that treat sickness without side effects. You can find out more about VedaCeuticals here.

How is EBNL different from other companies in their philosophy and operations?

EBNL does not produce drugs. EBNL produces and markets only medicines. EBNL recommends harmonious foods and living habits as the best means of enduring health & happiness. To know more about the difference between drugs & medicines, please visit here.

How does VedaCeuticals help in dealing with infections?

VedaCeuticals deals with infections by alerting & enabling the ‘Somatic Mind’, the ‘Master Architect & Chief Constructor’ inside our body to initiate corrective action to restore normalcy. Every EBNL product carries two components – (1) the Vital Nutrients (the building blocks) used for construction of the healthy tissues, and (2) the debugging ‘Anti­Virus software’ to alert and help the operating system (Somatic Mind) to immediately take corrective actions, eliminate the threat and restore normalcy.

How does EBNL’s products detoxify the body?

Body by itself possesses the ability to systemically detoxify and cleanse itself. We can observe this in our daily life through ablutions, such as defecation, urination, sweating etc. Our daily bath is also a helpful act in this direction of detoxification. But in deeper physiology, Liver, Lungs & Kidneys keep a very vigilant oversight on minimizing the toxic levels in the body generated out of byproducts of natural metabolic processes. All EBNL products directly and indirectly stimulate the functions of the vital organs responsible for detoxification and also guard the very health of these vital organs.

How do EBNL products help in boosting immunity?

EBNL products tackle this in multiple ways. (1) By heightening the immune response, by triggering the natural defense mechanism present in the body. (2) By helping the body’s own systems in isolating, filtering and expunging the toxins as explained earlier in the process of detoxification (3) By providing vital nutrients to all the cells and enhancing their latent capability to survive and thrive and then to restore and maintain the optimal functional ability.

EBNL Products

Is there an expiry date for EBNL products?

While our products generally have relatively long shelf lives, we advise you to check product package for the expiry date details.

Where can I buy EBNL products?

You can write to us by filling a form here or reach out to our dealers & distributors.

Is it possible to buy EBNL products online?

We do not yet have ecommerce functionalities enabled in our website. You may subscribe to our newsletter and we will inform you once we have our ecommerce up. As a pilot group of e­commerce users, you will get discounts too. Do keep a watch!

Where can I get more information about EBNL products?

Please visit our products page here and the interface will help you identify the products you require and you can get all the details you need on the products selected by you. If you still need more details, please do not hesitate to contact us you may use this form here.

Are EBNL products gluten free?

Yes, our products are gluten free. Please consult with your physician if in doubt.

Are EBNL products safe to use during pregnancy and/or for lactating women?

Yes, our products are safe to use during pregnancy and for lactating women. Please consult with your physician if in doubt.

Are EBNL products safe for infants and children?

Yes, our products are safe to use for infants and children. Please consult with your physician / pediatrician if in doubt.

Can EBNL products be used along with other ongoing treatments?

Our formulations can be administered as an additional supplement concurrently with other systems of treatments. They are harmonious adjuvants and adjuncts.

How should EBNL products be taken (dosage / application procedure)?

You will find the required information on the individual product pages of this website and also in the product package.

Is there any ingredient of animal origin in EBNL products?

Our formulations do not contain any ingredient of animal origin.

What is the best way to store EBNL products?

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

What are the safety and quality control measures that EBNL follows in product manufacturing?

EBNL follows the principles of TQM (Total quality management). It is a comprehensive and structured approach that seeks to improve the quality of our products through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback from our customers.

How does EBNL ensure efficacy of its products?

The secret is “VedaCeuticals”, the fusion of long proven ancient wisdom of Ayurveda ​and modern science & technology that works effectively in today’s conditions.

Where can one find information about the product ingredients?

You will find the required information on the individual product pages of this website and also in the product package. 

Some products are shown ‘Out of Stock’. When will they be available?

We regularly update the website with the product availability status. You may keep a watch on the products that you are interested in. Alternatively, you may drop us a note via our contact form here & and we will get in touch with you soon after the product is back in stock.

Are there dealers/distributors who sell EBNL products?

Yes, there are.. Please check this page for all contact details of our dealers & distributors.

What is the difference between skin cure and skin care products?

‘Skin cure’ products are to deal with the disease per se. But even after the disease is treated and cured ­ it leaves its own mark of scars and blemishes creating aesthetic & cosmetic problems. Our ‘skin care’ products deal with and answer these issues.

How can one submit a testimonial for a product?

Thank you for going that extra mile to submit a testimonial. It means a lot to us. We are glad that our products have helped you in your treatment. You can submit a short testimonial here. All the testimonials submitted go through admin moderation. We will drop you a note soon after your testimonial is published in our website.

Do you have any membership / loyalty programs where one can earn points for all the products purchased?

We are glad to note that you are a regular user of EBNL’s products. Unfortunately, there is a no membership / loyalty programs presently. Please drop us a note here and we will ensure that you will be the first to know when we launch any such program.

Partner with EBNL

How can one become EBNL’s distributor / dealer?

It is great to know that you are interested in becoming our partner. Please drop us a note here and we can take it up from there.

Investor Relations

Where can I find all information regarding EBNL’s investor relations including annual & quarterly performance reports?

You can get all investors related information here

How can I contact EBNL’s Investor Relations team?

You may use this form to send across your query. Alternatively, you may directly write to

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