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A best friend for chronic sufferers of piles, varicose veins and related secondary infections.

Releef Gel is extremely effective & helpful in dealing with various general health problems such as internal piles, external piles, anal fissures, anal itching, painful defecation, constipation.

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Product Description

Hemorrhoids are masses or clumps of tissue in the anal canal that consist of blood vessels, supportive tissue and muscle fibers. We all have hemorrhoids; however, when these masses become too inflamed that a problem occurs called ‘Piles’ or ‘Pathological hemorrhoids’. Piles can also be caused by chronic constipation that forces you to exert excessive pressure to expel stools. This results in veins in the rectum bulging, protruding, rupturing and bleeding. The pain associated with this condition can be excruciating. The open wounds can lead to several secondary infections compounding the crisis. A simple daily routine of morning ablutions can turn into a nightmare!

‘Releef-Gel’ can rapidly relieve you of this acute discomfort.

The ingredients of Releef gel includes extracts of – Nagkeshar flower (Mesua ferrea), Neem bark (Azadirachta indica), Haldi rhizome (Curcuma longa), Nirgundi seed (Vitex negundo), Bhangra plant (Eclipta Alba) & Lajwanti flower (Mimosa pudica); Tankan Bhasma (Pharmacopoeial), Jasad bhasma (Pharmacopoeial), Kasisyadi Tailam (Pharmacopoeial), Piplyadhya tailam (Pharmacopoeial), Arshohar Lepa (Pharmaclower opoeial) and Ointment Base.

Product Application

Clean the area of the skin with soap water

Clean with normal water to remove traces of soap

Dry the area with a clean cloth
Gently massage Releef Gel in the affected area till it is completely absorbed into the skin