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Cute N Comely is an excellent cream with a therapeutic perfection ensuring skin & natural surface rejuvenation process resulting in auto-correction.

Cute-N-Comely Cream has been found to be extremely effective & helpful in dealing with various skin related conditions such as lack of lustre, lack of skin shine, poor radiance, dryness, radiation blisters, dark circles under the eyes, black spots, discoloration.

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Product Description

‘Fair’ skin has been considered beautiful for many decades and young girls with a desire to look ‘fair’ have used sophisticated bleaching products (fairness creams) and regretted it due to severe skin damage. EBNL believes beauty lies in health and not in color. ‘Fair’ skin may reflect but ‘Healthy’ skin will radiate! It’s an easy choice to make - between blistered ‘fair’ skin and healthy, smooth and radiating skin. ‘Cute-N-Comely’ is a cosmetic cream made of powerful skin nutrients with therapeutic perfection. It is made from extracts of pomegranate, grape seed, orange, carrot & cucumber and is a treat for your skin every day!

The ingredients of Cute-N-Comely cream include extracts of – Pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum), Grapefruit (Citrus paradise), Orange fruit peel (Citrus sinensis), Carrot (Daucus carota), Cucumber fruit (Cucumis sativus), Holy basil leaf (Ocimum sanctum) & Aq. Saffron flower (Crocus sativus); Almond fruit oil (Prunus amygdalus), Gandhak Rasayan (Pharmacopoeial), Ointment base and Fragrance. 

Product Application

Clean the area of the skin with soap water
Clean with normal water to remove traces of soap
Dry the area with a clean cloth
Gently massage Cute-N-Comely cream till it is completely absorbed into the skin