Chronic fatigue in the current ages is not due to overwork, but rather due to a scattering of our efforts in different, often conflicting directions. In the current era, ‘focus’ is dramatically lacking and people are easily influenced trying to take on multiple tasks in haste rather than complete one task efficiently. Success and achievements are measured by numbers rather than excellence. This results in the constant exhaustion we see in citizens of the world’s busiest cities and people are unable to greet each other with a smile and acknowledge each other’s presence. We are losing our social nature due to being targets of chronic fatigue.

Fatigue is also a result of loss of interest in an activity. Our energy levels are largely dependent on our passion and enthusiasm in addition to the basic foods and nutrition we consume. People complicate their daily routines and clutter their minds with debris of preoccupations and desires. This makes us lose focus and thus interest in the task. An intelligent person will simplify their life by converging their energies to complete a few tasks perfectly rather than restlessly scatter their energies.

“The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.” -- Paramhansa Yogananda

Be ‘willing’ in every task you take up as ‘willingness’ begets energy. ‘Willingness’ in this context is a pleasant and steadily increasing focus of our attention upon a goal.

There are known foods that can strongly affect our energy levels. The stimulation received from such foods is rarely due to the energy they provide but their influence on our body. E.g. Coffee is a well-known food stimulant; while its immediate effects are often uplifting, its long term effects are depressing (becomes an addiction).  Caffeine is known to deplete Vitamin B in the body and people who drink too much coffee find that their own natural energy supplies decline. They require more and more coffee to get the same ‘lift’ they seek. The same may be said of tea, tobacco and other stimulants.

Yoga emphasizes on a harmonious rather than stimulating diet. Some of the products of VedaCeuticals (Tire-Not Capsules, Gud-Helth Capsules and BioSulf Powder) have been specially formulated to correct and reverse the current state of fatigue to a healthy and rejuvenated one!

Adapted from Swami Kriyananda’s editorial on ‘The Speaking Tree’


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