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A strong immune booster comprising of natural mineral ingredients that support origin and sustenance of healthy life.

BioSulf Powder has been found to be extremely effective & helpful in dealing with various general health conditions such as poor immunity, frequent sickness, slow recovery, frequent fevers, allergies, repetitive strain injuries, autoimmune diseases.

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Product Description

Origin of life on planet earth occurred in sub-sea volcanoes in the form of bacteria that consumed organic sulphur from the volcanoes as food and thrived at high temperatures. This organic sulphur was known as ‘Gandhaki Rasayan’ in the Sanskrit texts of Ayurveda. Gandhaki Rasayan is found in all vegetables and fruits, but unfortunately, is lost during cooking and processing due to its sublime nature. Oxygen dependent life evolved millions of years later on this planet. These sub-sea volcanoes rose and emerged on the surface of the earth as mountains containing rocks of mineral salts. When animals fall sick due to the vagaries of nature’s atmosphere, they instinctively lick these rocks and ingest a combination of salts to regain health.

Bio-Sulf is a harmonious combination of Gandhaki Rasayan and Himalayan Mountain Rock Salts. It is a potent combination of nutrients that can help build a strong body for you capable of withstanding the onslaught of bacterial and viral parasites, both internally & externally. It is the elixir of life!

The ingredients of BioSulf Powder includes – Gandhak Rasayan (Pharmacopoeial), Kala Namak powder (rock salt), flavours and excipients.

Product Application

Add one tablespoon of BioSulf powder in a glass of water or fruit juice
Mix it well to dissolve fully
Drink slowly & repeat for 3 - 4 times a day (after every meal)
Continue this cycle for 150 - 180 days