May 2016

EBNL unveils a new brand logo

Mumbai, India – May 18, 2016 – Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd (EBNL) today announced the new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand. This logo (newly designed) reflects more accurately the identity of EBNL and also symbolizes its dynamic future.

‘Cells’ are the building blocks of living bodies. The information that governs how the cells will function is in its DNA. Since EBNL’s products are designed to build healthy new cells and repair old sick cells, DNA was chosen to be the principal axis of the logo represented by the ‘Double helix’. Crowning the ladder of DNA are the leaves  that symbolize the springing foundation of dynamic life. With the DNA symbolizing the structural origin of life & the leaves  symbolizing the functional origin of Life, EBNL’s new logo depicts the inter-relationship of structure & function of life.

VedaCeuticals, the science & technology used by EBNL is a fusion of Ayurveda, the original science of health and Pharmaceuticals, the modern healthcare system. This fusion is represented by the intertwining green & blue colors in the DNA structure.

The new typeface also lends a modern, clean look and evokes further clarity on  the company’s vision – ‘To propel an evolution towards a healthcare revolution by providing simple solutions to complex health problems’.

Changing the logo is a process that can involve many steps. EBNL will be updating all its collaterals, marketing materials, product packages etc. progressively over the coming months.

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